Road Bike Rental Salzburg

We bring the road bike, and we pick it up again.
Accessories such as Tube, bicycle helmet, clothing etc. are available.

Road Bike Adventure in Salzburg

We put it in a nutshell,
Easy road cycling with our high quality rental racing bikes.
After a short phone call, we determine your size, weight and special wishes deliver the racing bike directly to you, adjust it to your needs.
You can start driving 30 minutes after getting in touch.

You do not have any bike equipment?

No problem - we have everything for you, from the helmet to the bike dress.
We deliver the bike directly to you and pick it up again - it's free.
You ride as often as you like and wherever you want.
We are uncomplicated and flexible, no minute calculator.
Call us, also on weekends, also in the evening +436764355950

Only you have to drive yourself, we'll take care of the rest!


  Roadbike / MTB, Rent 1 day   45 Euro
  Roadbike / MTB, Rent 1 Week 249 Euro
 Delivery upon request
  Pickup Free of charge
  Helmet Free of charge
  SPD/Click Pedals Free of charge
  Cleaning inclusive

The Road-Bikes are equipped with a Rescue Pack
in the form of a saddle bag and a combination lock.
(Extra tube, tools and pump)

On request: Cycling-Pants / Dress, Bottles, Maps, Triathlon gear, and much more.

Our Range


We deliver the bike directly to you. Free of Charge !


We also pick up for free again. Uncomplicated and flexible.

Tour planning

Tell us what you want to do
We have the suggested route!


Helmet, Bottle, SPD / Click Pedals, Triathlon Gear and much more - free of charge.

Road Bikes

We love racing bikes, so we only have racing bikes of (almost) every brand and size.

Rental Contract

Uncomplicated one-page rental agreement.

Our Road-Bikes

We love our racing bikes! As Salzburg's largest racing bike rental company, it is our greatest pleasure to provide you with a road bike suitable for you.

High quality Carbon / Aluminum Road Bikes.

Top service maintained, fresh from the "bike wash".

No cost for accessories.

Delivery 7 days between 6:30am and 9:30pm.

Contact / Booking

Contact us
We look forward to receiving your request and will contact you within a few minutes


Question and Answer

2 possibilities:
Opportunity 1: Call us on +436764355950, arrange an appointment with us.
Opportunity 2: Send us an email with your address or hotel name,your cellphone number, your name, plus the desired delivery time.
Depending on your hotel, we can arrange with the reception that you simply leave the bike at the reception.
If your accommodation is Airbnb or similar, a short text message or call with a suggested time will tell you when to pick up the bike
We have everything you need for cycling.
Helmet, SPD / click pedals, triathlon gear, bottles, lamps and much more - all for free.
Your bike is equipped with a rescue pack in the form of a saddle bag (rubber gloves, tools, extra-tube, lifter) and, in addition, a combination lock.
For Clothing, T-shirts and cycling shorts we charge a fee of 10 Euro for the laundry.
We are open 7 days a week from 6:30am to 21:30pm.
Phone: +436764355950 , email
Yes, very.
The fact that cycle paths are created on many cycle routes, reduces the risk enormously.
However, we recommend the wearing of a bicycle helmet, or conclusion of a liability insurance.
Of course, we assemble your brought accessories for free on the rental bike.
- An IDthat we photograph, which you get back immediately.
- The rental price in cash.
In most hotels there is a bike room or a garage, otherwise it is not a problem to take the bike to your room.